Align team goals & individual behavior with one key business objective.

1FOCUS is a practical way of working for teams to achieve a specific result.

Get better results with ONE focus

Take your improvement initiative from

Average success rate of improvement initiatives.

Source: McKinsey Research


Average success rate of 1FOCUS projects

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1FOCUS is a simple way of working to achieve a specific result, that any team can learn

  • Creating enormous FOCUS, with one goal per team
  • Making change PERSONAL, with key behavior
  • Building TEAM accountability, with weekly sessions
  • ADAPT these choices, with quarterly lessons learned

This way of working can be applied by any team, that really wants better results. See how the implementation process works and examples.

To get different results, we need to do things differently.

1FOCUS delivers a breakthrough by:

Events & Training coming up ...

We organize free introduction events in different regions of the world and online by ZOOM sessions.

There are also open public workshops to learn everything you need to get started in your team.

1FOCUS on Jamaica National TV & Conference

Menno Valkenburg was interviewed by national TV Jamaica about 'Accountability'.

Download here the presentation of Menno

of the HRMAJ Conference of 14 nov:
Building a culture of accountability

See some clients results with 1FOCUS

"After 1 year of working with 1FOCUS, we achieved results I had never seen in my entire career."

Johan Doornenbal

CEO Luba, temp agency


"Because of 1FOCUS we can now highly predict the customer satisfaction scores that we will achieve for our clients."

Ronald Smit

CEO Cendris, call center


Progress transparency

A key element in building success is tracking progress. Both on the outcomes as on key activities by team members. 1FOCUS implementation includes an online tool for teams to track their results.

See all functions and demo at the resources page.

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Ronald van Westering (1969) is founder of the 1FOCUS methodology and consulting network. He started 1FOCUS in 2015 in The Netherlands and is now building a network of consultants all over the world. Their mission: Guiding teams to get better results with highly engaged people.

Before he started 1FOCUS, Ronald was leading the Execution Practice of FranklinCovey in The Netherlands for 6 years. He co-authored of the dutch version of the bestselling book The 4 Disciplines of Execution by FranklinCovey.

Ronald and his team have guided over 40 companies implementing their strategy, with an average goal achievement success rate of 96%.


Ronald van Westering

Sandra Geelink

1FOCUS Netherlands

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