What are the best tools to launch and grow your business in 2021? Here an overview of the most satisfying tools that I have seen and keep using myself.

Tue Jul 27, 2021, Ronald van Westering

As an entrepreneur, you want to organize your business smoothly with the best tools that are easy to use, don't take much time and look amazing. Before you know it, the selection process (and staying up to date) can take a lot of time. Way too much.

So here my selection for you. Yes, I use them all myself as well :-)
I show you my favorite pick in each category of tools:

  • Category 1: LinkedIn Automation tool
  • Category 2: Online Course platform
  • Category 3: Funnel builder tool
  • Category 4: Video marketing tool

Category 1: LinkedIn automation tool

When I first discovered these LinkedIn tools, I was totally surprised and awed about the possibilities. In short: LinkedIn automation tools basically perform manual actions on LinkedIn but in bulk & personalized. We are used to this with email, but LinkedIn doesn't provide any bulk functionality, both on connections requests as on messages.

There are many tools out there, like LinkedHelper, Dux-soup, Prospectin, MeetAlfred, Zopto, Expandi. Here the details of my favorite LinkedIn tool:

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Category 2: Online course platform

For knowledge based services, creating a course can be a very good idea. Either just supporting or as a separate product. There are many course builders out there. This is an all-in-1 comprehensive platform:

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Category 3: Funnel builder tool

Every online business starts with a strong website. Either just a landing page of a full blown website. Although course platforms usually also provide this functionality, there are very nice website builders out there. This one is an all-in-1 including email marketing, CRM & webinars.

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Category 4: Video Marketing tool

This is the top choice. My secret weapon. In stead of sending a prospect an email, you can send a personal video message. Every video is played on a separate landing page including customizable CTA buttons!

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And of course: video editing tool

This is a simple one. Since I'm a Mac user, the obvious starting point is iMovie. Now of course there are many, much more advanced video editing software out there, like everything Adobe has to offer, but for me this becomes rapidly too complicated and time consuming. For my basic requirements iMovie fit very nicely.

Ronald van Westering
Dutch Strategy Consultant & writer, founder of 1FOCUS,
who loves jokes, cycling, the sea, Lego-bricks and low-carb food.