Enable a culture where teams track their performance

Track your team progress online

The key idea is to use a team motivation tool instead of a management control tool

Online team performance tracking is an integrated part of the 1FOCUS process and has many benefits:

  • Motivates the team to achieve
  • Maintaining performance long term
  • Builds evidence of the expected relationship between behavior and results
  • Shows effectiveness differences between teams and even individuals

Full transparency

The Team Scorecard

The central element of the tool is the team scorecard. On this one page, every team enters weekly their actual team goal score and the individual behavior scores.

Scores can be on any self-defined scale.

Individuals can have different targets.

All teams can see the what other teams are doing and the progress of all goals and behaviors of all teams.

Scores can be entered on any device on the webpage or the 1FOCUS app (in Appstore & Google-play).

Every team scorecard is represented in a one page graph. This shows the development of the team goal and the overall development of each behavior, over the total period selected.

A group is a selection of teams. The group score is a total or average of the selected teams.

All teams and groups have 2 key scores:

  • Results on track (%)
  • Behavior performance (%)

Overview selected teams

and more ...

Client domain

All clients get their own sub-domain.

Chat function

There is a chat function that can be switched on/off.

Here all users can share comments or questions.

Presentation mode

You can switch to presentation mode, where the results of every team is displayed for 5 seconds.

Multi language

Every individual user can select their language.

Currently available in Dutch & English.

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